Spring into new hair!

Once again my loves, spring is among us! Spring is such a beautiful time of year; we can sport sundresses, bright colors, open-toe shoes and above all our hot new hairstyles! This year I want you to try something different: be bold, be sexy, and be proud of it all! After all you deserve it, and you know I’m right!

Dark Red is in baby! Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Karen Elson are all currently wearing this bold color. Nothing makes a statement like a stunning dark red hairstyle, so rich and deep you can’t help but think of a Red Velvet Cake. I can literally just eat this style up!

Toffee Blonde is also in this spring. This style is especially great for blondes. Having a different shade of blonde highlights contrasting with your own gives this style a very sophisticated look. Be sure to carry a purse full of pens, you’ll need them for autographs.

The boy cut is a style for women with short hair or willing to cut their hair. Scarlett Johansson is flaunting this style this spring, and OMG it looks so amazing on her. Honestly everyone can’t pull this look off, but it depends on your facial structure, and a heaping helping of confidence; do you have it? I know you do!

The Bob made its impression on us last year in a cute way. Well sweetie this year it’s back with a twist. The Asymmetrical Bob is in. This hairstyle has the part further to the side and lets one side of your hair hang down longer than the other. I think this look is really hot, and it brings a timeless style but without the grandma feel! It certainly has a 90’s vibe, but its definitely in style this season. Everything old is new again eventually!

Playful braids and up-dos are definitely going to be a winner this spring as well. You really can’t go wrong here. I also want to give styling with accent pieces an honorable mention here – flowers, Asian style hair pieces, and other cute accessories can really make your new style pop!

Bottom line, there are so many new styles for you to try out this year. Listen ladies, make sure that whatever style you land on, you are using healthy and natural products in your hair. This will keep that spring style springing into action!


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